Do You Want To Work in Austria or Germany?

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Step By Step

Coming to Austria for work means a lot of Paperwork. But dont worry, that’s what we are here for!
Here’s How It Works:

#1 Fill Out Submission Form

Through the Submission Form, which you can find below. We get all the information that we need ensuring a quick and easy process of finding work in Austria.
If you have any Questions make sure to contact us here.

#2 Document Verification

After we recieved your Form, we will Contact you shortly and work out any Details regarding your Documents.

#3 Finding Your Dream Job

Now that all that Paperwork is worked out, we can focus on what matters. Through close communication with You and Your potential Employer we will secure you your Dream Position at your Dream Company.

#4 Rot-Schwarz-Rot Card

After securing your Position at your new Company, We can now move forward to the most important Step. The “Rot-Schwarz-Rot” Card is the All-In-One Solution to a work permit in Austria. We are in close Contact with Austrian Authorities, so do not worry, we will take care of it. Read more about the “Rot-Schwarz-Rot” Card here.

#5 Finding Accomodation

Finding a Place to Live in Austria can be difficult and expensive. 
Don’t Worry though!
This is also something we will take care of. 

#6 That's It!

Everything is done and you are ready to begin your Career-Journey in Austria. 
We will Support you all the way through and we will make sure you are as happy as possible. 

How We Do It

Why We Are Different

Our Difference is in the Details. At PATRONA , we don’t just find candidates – we build connections through open, meaningful communication. Our hands-on Experience in the medical sector ensures your talent needs are met.

Our Key Factors:

Our Focus

Our Endeavor is to Enrich Austria with a Proficient and Inspired Medical Workforce, Bridging Evident Gaps Across Diverse Professions. At PATRONA, we specialize in curating a dynamic pool of international talent, poised to contribute their unique skills and fervor to propel Austria’s industries to new heights.
We specify in filling Austria wide shortage occupations.

Ongoing Support

A core part of our business is the support we offer after migration.
We are a Multinational Team and understand the Troubles of coming to a new country with a foreign culture.
This level of understanding allows us to help ease you into Austria and prevent culture shock as much as possible.

Submission Form

This Submission Form will help us streamline the process and find jobs as quickly as possible.

Contact Information

Education and Job Experience

Job Preference & Information