Looking for Workers? We've Got You Covered!


#1 Consultation

Embark on a Journey with PATRONA for Your Hiring Solutions. Our process commences with a complimentary online consultation, tailored to your convenience and preferences. We’re here to accommodate your preferred platform, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience as we delve into understanding your unique requirements.

#2 Scouting

Following the consultation, our mission shifts towards sourcing dedicated and motivated professionals for your company. Presently, our attention is directed towards the promising talent pools of Turkey and Belarus. Our adept Recruiters will seek out candidates perfectly suited for your open position.

#3 Interview

Upon identifying ideal candidates for your enterprise, we present a streamlined solution – online interviews. This eliminates the need to arrange travel for potential employees to Austria. Our interviews are flexibly conducted through your preferred digital medium, allowing you to interact with prospective hires hassle-free.

#4 Finalizing

Should you find a candidate to your satisfaction, the transition to Austria can be set in motion. This entails your endorsement of the ‘Rot-Schwarz-Rot’ Card – a comprehensive work-related migration solution offered by the Austrian Government for seamless integration. Our services remain entirely cost-free until this stage. Upon successful hiring of a candidate we’ve facilitated, we apply a  very competitive headhunting fee, subject to negotiation.

Our Comprehensive Offerings

Professional Workers

Drawing from an elite pool of professional workers, we select individuals who bring specialized expertise to enhance your team's proficiency.

Seamless Integration

Beyond just matching skills, we focus on cultural fit and long-term potential, ensuring a harmonious and productive partnership.

German Language Proficiency

Our focus extends beyond skills; we prioritize candidates proficient in the German language, facilitating effective communication and integration.

Custom Fit Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering personalized solutions that precisely match your company's culture, values, and long-term goals.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment goes beyond the dotted line – we provide steadfast support even after contracts are signed, ensuring a smooth transition and enduring success.

Saving Time and Resources

By entrusting us, you bypass the exhaustive administrative and logistical processes, directing your energy towards your core business pursuits.

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